Landing Your First Job

Landing Your First Job


What Is Included In This Course?

If you are in the market for your first job as a college graduate, or even if you are still in school but exploring internship opportunities, this course will help you hone the skills you need to get that offer letter!

During each of our four one-on-one sessions, we will focus on the following topics.

Session 1:
Prospect Jobs Opportunities

  • Understand where you are in the process
  • Identify skills and interests
  • Discuss jobs that match both those skills and interests

Session 2:
Refine Your Resume

  • Review feedback from actual recruiters or hiring managers
  • Ensure your resume is a strong match to the jobs for which you will apply

Session 3:
Prepare For Your Interview

  • Discuss how to get ready for the interview
  • Plan for common interview questions

Session 4:
Experience An Interview

  • Put all your skills into action for a mock interview
  • Assess successes and opportunities

As part of the Landing Your First Job course, you will gain access to our new LinkedIn community for members so that you can seek advice both from peers and from Zach even after completing the course.

Add-on Option

Get access to take the RightPath Assessment to identify your natural versus learned behaviors. During our first session, we will go over your results together to determine your ideal work environment, team size, career path and more. Plus, it’s kind of just fun to learn about what makes you tick!

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